12th European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations
Congress of Sports Medicine

Sporty Life — Healthy Life

Centennial Hall, 19-21 October 2023
Wroclaw, Poland

Main Topics

  • Towards physically active Europe. Exercise prescription for health
  • Power of exercise - health benefits and their monitoring
  • Aging and Sport
  • Exercise and immune health
  • Athlet's heart and sports cardiology
  • Sudden death in sports
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal system injuries
  • Physical activity during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum period
  • Physical activity for people with chronic diseases
  • Physiology of bed rest and detraining
  • Altitude training
  • Relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S)
  • Health benefits of nutrition supplements in sport and exercise
  • Drugs and antidoping in sports
  • Exercise capacity and diagnostic tests
  • Sport for people with disabilities
  • Digital Wearables in sports medicine and sports
  • Clinical and legal problems of Sports Medicine in Europe
  • Other topics

Scientific Committee

Congress Presidents
  • Maurizio Casasco (Italy) President of European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations
  • Tomasz Kostka (Poland) President of Polish Society of Sports Medicine
Congress Honorary Presidents
  • Norbert Bachl (Austria)
  • Fabio Pigozzi (Italy)
Scientific Committee
  • Yannis Pitsiladis (UK) European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations
  • Anna Jegier (Poland) European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations, Polish Society of Sports Medicine

    Agnieszka Zembroń-Łacny (Poland) Polish Society of Sports Medicine

  • André Debruyne (Belgium)
  • Chiara Fossati (Italy)
  • Anca Ionescu (Romania)
  • Herbert Löllgen (Germany)
  • Pedro Manonelles Marqueta (Spain)
  • Kirill Micallef-Stafrace, (Malta)
  • Theodora Papadopoulou (UK)
  • Sandra Rozenštoka (Latvia)
  • Peter Schober (Austria)
  • Wolfgang Schobersberger (Austria)
  • Bülent Ülkar (Turkey)
  • Evert Verhagen (Netherlands)
Polish Society of Sports Medicine
  • Andrzej Bugajski (Poland)
  • Kazimierz Ciechanowski (Poland)
  • Andrzej Czamara (Poland)
  • Maciej Hess (Poland)
  • Hubert Krysztofiak (Poland)
  • Jarek Krzywanski (Poland)
  • Andrzej Pokrywka (Poland)
  • Katarzyna Szmigielska (Poland)
  • Wojciech Widuchowski (Poland)
  • Andrzej Ziemba (Poland)
Organising Committee

Andrzej Czamara (Poland)

Vice Chairman

Andrzej Bugajski (Poland)

Members of Local Organising Committee (Poland)
  • Paulina Chylińska
  • Wiktor Czamara
  • Łukasz Dalecki
  • Anna Jegier
  • Zbigniew Kaptur
  • Krzysztof Kowalewski
  • Hubert Krysztofiak
  • Katarzyna Krzemińska
  • Bogusław Sadlik
  • Łukasz Sikorski
  • Iwona Tymecka-Maciąg
  • Wojciech Widuchowski
  • Katarzyna Wilk
  • Andrzej Zalewski
  • Agnieszka Zembroń-Łacny
  • Andrzej Ziemba
  • Dorota Zowczak

Target Audience

The experts of sport medicine, internal medicine, exercise physiology, cardiology, orthopaedics, traumatology, medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy are invited to share the advances in the area. Besides the Congress will be opened for geneticists, anti-doping specialists, nutritionists. In addition, we invite specialists in physical activity, sports for people with disabilities, physically active elderly people and people with metabolic diseases, as well as psychologists and other relevant stakeholders of the sports and physical activity sector.

Congress Programme

  • Session 1. Exercise at 50 years old and beyond (90 min)
  • Session 2. Aging and Sport (90 min)
  • Session 3. Drugs, doping and antidoping in sports (90 min)
  • Session 4. Sudden cardiac Death in Sports (90 min)
  • Session 5. Diagnosis and monitoring of treatment of selected musculoskeletal injures (90 min)
  • Session 6. Selected problems of the knee injury in children and adolescents (90 min)
  • Session 7. Power of Exercise. Health benefits and their monitoring in project “Exercise Prescription for Health”
  • Session 8. Clinical and legal problems of Sports Medicine in Europe. A synthesis, summary and analysis (90 min)
  • Session 9. Athlete's heart (90 min)
  • Session 10. Relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S) as a challenge for modern sports medicine (90 min)
  • Session 11. Physiology of bed rest and detraining (90 min)
  • Session 12. Altitude training (90 min)
  • Session 13. Physical activity for people with chronic diseases (90 min)
  • Session 14. Digital wearables in sports medicine and sports
  • Session 15. From rehabilitation to paralympics - challenges and threats in the sport of people with disabilities
  • Session 16. Exercise and immune health (90 min)

More details in the file: EFSMA-program.pdf


Registration TypeRegistration and payment until
31th of May 202331st of July 202330th of September 2023
Regular Full Fee450500600
EFSMA Members350400500
PTMS Members250300400
Other health professionals, not physicians200250350
Physicians during specialization in sports medicine200250350
PhD Students200250350
One Day Registration200250250

The fee includes:

  • participation in all sessions listed in the program of the congress
  • congress materials
  • coffee breaks
  • Certificate of Attendance (COA)

The fee does not include:

  • the costs of lunches (€22) and the gala party (€85)
  • other events
  • accommodation
  • the car park in the Congress Centre

Payment for participation in the Congress will be available after registration.

Dear Guests,

Please note that some of the meals are not included in the congress fee. Gala Dinner (limited seats) and lunches are an additional costs. Below you will find detailed information about the prices:

Gala Dinner (October 20th) 85 EUR

Lunch on Friday (October 20th) 22 EUR

Lunch on Saturday (October 21st) 22 EUR

Payments will be made to the account of Convention Bureau - Wrocław, after prior contact or completion of the form (available soon). If you are interested in purchasing meals now, please contact us at the following email address: [email protected]

The deadline for making the above-mentioned reservations expires on October 9, 2023. After this date, you will not be able to order and pay for a seat at lunches or Gala Dinner.



The Polish Society of Sports Medicine (PTMS) and the European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations (EFSMA) invite Sports Medicine and Applied Sport Science researchers, professionals and students to submit their presentation abstracts for the 12th EFSMA Congress of Sports Medicine which will take place in Wroclaw, Poland, from October 19-21, 2023, under the following guidelines::


Congress Secretariat

College of Physiotherapy in Wroclaw
Tadeusza Kościuszki 4, 50-038 Wrocław

[email protected]

Marta Kołecka, Katarzyna Wilk
+48 71 342 50 02

Wiktor Czamara
+48 501 627 690

Contact to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Andrzej Czamara (Poland)
+48 606 246 746
[email protected]